Welcome to Unorthodox Orthodox!


Hi! I'm Jane. I am a young Orthodox Christian girl who is also a lesbian. I just recently came out to my friends, but wanted to start this website to talk about my experiences with being a gay kid in a very strict Christian religion as well as being gay in a society that looks down on the gay experience. This website is a safe space for people to come to hear about my experiences and to give me a platform to work through my shit. Because of my circumstances I cannot talk about being openly gay. I depend on the church too heavily and my family members could lose their jobs if I come out publically, and I needed a place to be me. There are a lot of gay people in the world, and a lot of us deal with reconciling faith and sexuality, so I made this site to show you that you aren't alone and to invite you to come join me in my struggle to understand myself, my faith, and gay culture. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you stay a while!